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  • 3 S market exit● rumor04-24-2018 09:●36 BJTChinese t○elecom Hua◆wei on Sunday re○sponded
  • 4 to ru●mors of its◆ withdrawa■l from the U.S. m●arket after it w〓as accused by U.S. ■

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ans to launch it〓s latest MediaPad An〓droid table●t and Matebook X P●ro Windows l●aptop in the U.S.Su●ch opinion is■ also share◆d by The Ne○w York Times, w◆hich in its April co●mmentary pro○jected Huawei&rsq■uo;s possible retre●at from the U.S. m■

arket, as the for○mer’s unremitt●ing attempts to thw○art U.S. roadblock○s turned o◆ut to be fruitless.■In response to■ the speculations■, Huawei told Jiemia●n.com on S○unday that &ldquo●;Huawei

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&rs○quo;s U.S. market ●developing■ strategy s〓hould only be sub◆ject to the c〓ompany’s〓 official release an〓d final confirmati〓on.”Though th○e company has y●et confirmed ●to withdraw from ●U.S. market■, its annual fiscal ?/p>

鰎eport somehow● revealed the co■mpany’s g○loomy and arduou〓s development○ in U.S. Though Huaw◆ei’s● net profit● in 2017 grew by 28 ●percent to ◆$7.55 billion, the g●rowth was mainly d○riven by its Chin〓

  • eting up efforts ●to hinder Chinese● high-tech comp○anies&rsqu〓o; ac
  • cess to the U.S●. market, Huawei, th○e world&rsq●uo;s largest■ t
  • elecom e●quipment supplier, 〓has bogged down i
  • n〓 constant Sino-■US finger pointing a■nd has been■ reportedl■y p

lanning to ex〓c


lude U.S. m〓arket from it

ese market, as ■well as marke◆ts in Asia-■Pacific, the Middle 〓East and Europe. T●he report also e〓mphasized th■at th


s ■grand global de■v

e obstacles■ Huawei faces in ○U.S. market h◆as prompte○d the company t◆o “work ha◆rder in other mar○kets.”M

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